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  • [Director]: Bug fixes in stat code so that the Director stats against the correct URL for authenticated Topology origins.


Congratulations to @patrickbrophy for his first contribution to Pelican!

For Users
  • [Client] Clients can now read the PELICAN_NEAREST_CACHE environment variable for determining which cache to use #1234
  • [Client] Clients can now list a collection of objects and get statistics of an object #1393 #1400
  • [Plugin] The plugin now advertises the ability to move pelican:// objects #1265
  • [Client] Additional error handling has been introduced that helps users build custom clients on top of the Pelican golang libraries #1263
  • [Client] Clients can now send a timeout value in their object requests, indicating to Pelican services the maximum time the client is willing to wait for requests #1299
  • [Cache/Client] Caches now report to clients whether the data they returned came from the disk on the cache or from the origin #1301
  • [All] Pelican now warns users about unrecognized configuration input #1325
For Admins
  • [Cache] Caches no longer shutdown on startup if advertisements fail, allowing admins to fix registrations #1244
  • [Director/Cache] The director can now filter caches marked as down in Topology #1260
  • [Origin] Pelican can now create "XRoot" backends for adding xroot-only protocol servers to the federation #1285
  • [Origin] HTTP backend export information has been added to Origin webpages #1291
  • [Origin] Origins can now export Globus collections as one of their backends #1336
  • [Director] The Director only responds to object requests with up to six Origin/Cache candidates #1304
  • [All] Pelican images are now built on top of EL9 from the OSG23 repositories #1288
  • [All] Servers now have a more permissive 5s timeout when checking for the existence of required remote resources #1328
  • [Director] The Director now checks object availability among Origins for object requests sent to Origins #1283
  • [All] Pelican now supports layered configuration through the specification of extra config directories in the root config using the ConfigLocations key #1313
  • [All] Fixed a bug that prevented some PELICAN_* environment variables from being read correctly #1451

Full Changelog:

  • d18dd643 Add config knob to enable pprof endpoints
  • 2b1a1c2f Add config knob to turn off stat for the director
  • c8982a6d Add pprof endpoints
  • 3ca0f14d Add two Prometheus metrics for directorstat queries
  • 26f8e39f Change to use EnableStat instead
  • 559f64e9 Fix deadlock in recordAd and LaunchTTLCache
  • aca7a484 Pre Release: Update npm version
  • f49108fe Remove stat utils for caches as well


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